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Beginning of the week, the news came out as a slap in the face. The Chiefs number two quarterback, Chad Henne had a fracture to his right ankle during the loss against the San Francisco 49ers last week. Henne was immediately scheduled for surgery in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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So what were the remaining options? Well, the Kansas City Chiefs have two developmental quarterbacks on their roster, Chase Litton and Kyle Shurmur, but somehow nobody thought neither of them was ready yet to bear the weight of being number two behind MVP Patrick Mahomes or an almost NFL starter for that matter.

Litton joined the Chiefs last season as an undrafted free agent from Marshall and spent the season on the practice squad. Shurmur signed this year as an undrafted free agent from Vanderbilt. They are still pretty young and inconsistent.

“You see some good, you see some bad,” offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said of the preseason play of Litton and Shurmur.

Therefore, in order to fill that immense hole in the roster, the Chiefs decided to contact and sign veteran quarterback Matt Moore.

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The 35-year-old Moore started NFL as an undrafted free agent back in 2007, and after a brief stint with the Dallas Cowboys during training camp, joined the Carolina Panthers ahead of the season.

Moore then spent four years with Carolina before signing with the Miami Dolphins in 2011, which became his team for seven long years. The guys has many years of experience under his belt in the NFL, let’s just say that.

Funny fact, or not so funny but anyway, Moore actually replaced Chad Henne a first time when Henne was a starter in Miami back in 2011, end then Moore became the team’s MVP the following year.

Moore’s most recent season as a professional was in 2017, when he saw action in four games and started twice for Miami. The highlight of that campaign was undoubtedly a thrilling victory over the New York Jets when Moore led the Dolphins to 17 points over the final 15 minutes to complete the epic comeback and secured the win for Miami.

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In his career, Moore has thrown for 6,938 yards and 45 touchdowns in 49 appearances.

Now, he has the opportunity to spend the whole season behind the current MVP and one of the best offense this season, contender to the 2020 Superbowl.

“Sitting out last year, it was great, but this training camp kind of rolled around and the juices started flowing a little bit,” Moore said. “I really didn’t expect a call. Sure, there’s some thoughts that this may never happen. And then when it happens, you’re like, ‘Hey, let’s go.’ It’s kind of that simple.”

Unfortunately for him, most of the Chiefs fans will be likely very happy to not see him play this season, the contrary would be a trauma for the whole city, as Mahomes became in one year kind of a modern times Messiah.

Rachel Coltz

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