Super Bowl Run

50 years to catch this train.

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50 years of ups and downs, bad lucks and upsetting losses during the playoffs.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a few occasions to be in the Superbowl, they had awesome players like Tony Gonzalez, Derrick Thomas or Priest Holmes, but the magic never took them to the end of the road.

With Patrick Mahomes, a 24 year old kid at the helm of the Chiefs, it is finally said and done.

Sometimes, a little spark can make a team greater than ever. That’s what happened with Tom Brady and Belichick, and maybe this new collaboration between Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid could lead to new heights.

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Mahomes already led the team to the AFC Championship lost against the Patriots last year after an upsetting overtime. This year, Mahomes earned in maturity and played more intelligently. It was not about showing off his crazy skills at throwing the ball, he has already done that last season throwing 50 touchdowns, but he cared more about efficiency, leadership and healing his body. And this mentality paid off.

With a revamped defense, trading off Dee Ford during the offseason and welcoming Franck Clark from Seattle and Tyrann Mathieu from Houston, the new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo had some work to do to bring this new defense together. And boy, they had a hard beginning of the season but once they woke up, the championship swagger took them to new heights.

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Sure, they still have to fix the run defense and clean up their game, allowing sometimes too many penalties but they showed everybody the defense was not the same anymore. They literally beheaded King Henry during the AFC Championship allowing him to run only 69 yards, and their tenacity led them to the Superbowl 54.

Weird similarities happened with the team that won the only Superbowl for the Chiefs 50 years ago, especially the injury of Len Dawson and Patrick Mahomes in the middle of the season. Have the stars aligned for a magical run till the end? Let’s not say anything for now… Too superstitious…

What seemed different this year though is the feeling in the locker room. Everybody truly believed that the Superbowl was not just a dream, the front office, the coaching staff and the players were convinced they had the means to arrive till the end and play in February. New leaders infused self-confidence to the team and Mahomes, with his humility, inspired his teammates to excel.

Every single player have brought their own miracle to this amazing run during the 2019 season. Watkins during the first game of the season and the AFC Championship game, Sorensen against the Texans in the Divisional game, or Robinson catching a one hand TD.

The culture has changed, the aggressiveness and the seriousness of this team showed us during the season and the playoffs they stand together throughout hard times.

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And more importantly they all have one goal: winning the Superbowl for their beloved head coach Andy Reid and for the fans of Kansas City.

As we still mourn the basketball genius Kobe Bryant, let’s learn from what he believed in:  “Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success.” “The most important thing is you must put everybody on notice that you’re here and you are for real.”

Rachel Coltz

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