Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann Mathieu, free agent safety at the time, signed with the Kansas City Chiefs during the offseason a three year contract and $43 million. Prior to joining the league, Mathieu made a name for himself in LSU football team, the team close to his heart until today.

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After playing with big names with the Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans, the now 27 year old, drafted back in 2013 has decided to join one of the best team of the league led by MVP Patrick Mahomes.

He seems to have fit in pretty easily in Kansas City, getting along with his teammates as shown on his twitter feed and having a leadership role in the defense.

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However, up to today, he did not really made anything exceptional to be remembered by in red and gold.

He has been good and consistent throughout the first half of the season, but many KC Chiefs fans began to question his real impact on the defense.

He recently bragged about playing with Mahomes and Hill, putting Hill in his top 5 short list, which is high praise coming from Mathieu who shared the field with players like Odell Beckham Jr, Larry Fitzgerald or even DeAndre Hopkins.

“Most players are competitive, but he has competitive greatness,” Mathieu said recently in explanation about Hill. “What I mean by that is in tough situations, critical moments, only a few people can make certain plays. He’s one of those players.

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“The only way you can cover him is to have that competitive greatness yourself. You have to know the ball is coming to him and in your mind you believe you can make the play. You just have to match his energy, his attitude and that’s hard to do. He’s on another level most of the time.”

However, undoubtedly the charismatic Mathieu actually brought more than his experience and his game to this revamped defense. He brought inspiration. He is very committed to the city of KC organizing various events to help the city with his foundation, involving his teammates along the way, and his leadership is obvious off and on the field in such a limited amount of time with the Chiefs.

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Tyrann Mathieu signing the Chiefs Kingdom Italia flag at Arrowhead

For having met him briefly after the Packers game, he’s a class act. Period.

Ever since entering the league back in 2013, Tyrann Mathieu has been one of the best and most consistent defensive backs when healthy. Mathieu has battled injuries throughout his career, but nobody can deny his talent when he’s at full strength. He may not be the player he once was, but he’s still a strong starter who most teams would love to have. While he’s listed as a safety, Mathieu is also capable of playing cornerback at a high level. Basically, when at his best the Honey Badger is a chess piece capable of playing any role in the secondary.

And he finally proved it in Mexico City on Monday night football against the Chargers, in a crucial game. With an interception with a 35 yard return, 8 tackles and 4 assisted tackle, he said he was proud of the players and his defensive coordinator after the team’s win over the Chargers.

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“Collectively as a defense, I thought we played together, communicated consistently throughout the game, and then coach Spags made some great calls today,” said Mathieu to reporters after the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs defense stepped up and saved the day on Monday Night Football. That’s just a fact!

And along with Frank Clark on Monday, the investments of the Chiefs offseason finally paid off.

Therefore, the run to the Super Bowl is still alive…

Rachel Coltz

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